Swedish Biofuels Gasoline Patents Maintained in European Patent Court

25 March, 2011 (16:01) | News | By: admin

Swedish Biofuels AB is pleased to announce that the Technical Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has maintained the European Patent No. 1252268, “Method for Reducing the Vapor Pressure of Ethanol-Containing Motor Fuels for Spark Ignition Combustion Engines”.

The original hearing, when the patent was challenged by BP Oil International Ltd, took place on 9 July 2008. The result was in favor of Swedish Biofuels AB and the patent was maintained. BP chose to appeal the decision and during recent proceedings the Technical Board of Appeal maintained the patent, once again, against the appeal by BP.

Introduced in 2001, the method of the patent for reducing vapor pressure in ethanol containing motor fuels for spark ignition, or petrol engines, is highly effective in regulating fuel properties without any changes to standard engines.

With this victory, the Swedish Biofuels AB will also continue to innovate and vigorously prosecute infringements of its even broader intellectual property portfolio in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere.

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