BAA 07-01 BIOJET100
Under the project funded by the U.S. Government Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Swedish Biofuels AB developed technology to produce renewable fully synthetic jet fuel. Swedish Biofuels AB have produced a jet fuel prototype, 100% biological, SB-JP-8, equivalent to petroleum based JP-8. SB-JP-8 has been submitted to a U.S. Ministry of Defense test facility for evaluation in accordance with the standard MIL-DTL-83133F. The evaluation demonstrated properties meeting or exceeding all the standard criteria. This fuel, SB-JP-8, is now ready for certification for both military and civil application.

A spin-off of the project is the application of Swedish Biofuels technology for processing biomass into the drop-in coproducts of diesel and gasoline fuels. Drop-in fuels are suitable for use in standard engines, provide identical performance to existing petroleum fuels and use existing means of distribution.

Sweden’s Försvarets Materielverk, FMV, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, has chosen Swedish Biofuels technology for the production and certification of its breakthrough jet fuel SB-JP-8. SB-JP-8 is a 100% fully synthetic biological equivalent to petroleum based JP-8.
The project Biofuel for Aircraft is part of the Swedish – US cooperation program in matters of alternative fuels.

The program with FMV for demonstration and deployment of the biological jet fuel for Saab Gripen fighter with the participation of Swedish and US Governments in addition to SAAB, Volvo Aero and GE.

Phase 1 of the program calls for fuel delivery planning, coordination, management and risk analysis.

Phase 2 involving the qualification and certification of Swedish Biofuels AB jet fuel for the Gripen is expected to follow on the successful completion of phase 1.